Spring Paper Decoration Ideas

Whether you are decorating for a wedding, a party or just to make things look nice around your home, paper decorations are a cheap and attractive way to create something wonderful. Coloured card, paper, tissue paper, paper plates, paint, glue and twine are all you need to make something lovely. Some popular hanging strings to make that are really easy are paper chains (in spring rather than Christmas colours) and paper bunting. Bunting is a lot easier to make than you might think, using patterned card, paper or wrapping paper, cut out a square or a diamond shape. You might want to make a cardboard stencil from an old cereal packet for this. Then fold them in half over the twine or ribbon so that you make a triangle. Attach the two sides together with glue or double sided tape. Double tided tape is great for doing it speedily and last minute.

paper stars for everyone!

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If you want some things to hang from your ceiling or in your window coves then there are plenty of cute things to be made with paper also. Create a stencil of a bird using cardboard and draw around it on some patterned or coloured card. Cut a horizontal slot across the middle of the bird and then slide some folded tissue paper inside so that an even amount shows on each side. You can then cut another little slot in the centre of the back of the bird and thread some string or ribbon through to hang it from. Origami makes great hanging decorations and can be done in several different paper colours and hung in collections for a bigger effect.

Using strips of paper and folding them (see tutorial here) to make small stars which can then be strung together using a needle and thread or put into a jar. They can make a very sweet decoration, especially if you use a multitude of different coloured papers.  Cute little paper decorations like this can be made cheaply and easily so don’t hesitate to give it a go.

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The Golden Bunny

Aside from the Easter egg, the golden bunny is one of the most recognised, chocolate products eaten at Easter time. The highest profile brand to make them is Lindt, with their iconic golden bell however much like their chocolate reindeer during the Christmas season this popular product has been copied and re-produced by countless brands. The most commonly known copy-cats are Aldi, creating far cheaper versions (with a worse quality of chocolate). The reason why these products are so popular however is in fact in the bunny’s golden coat – the packaging.

The iconic golden bunny is only golden because of its packaging, made of a thin foil which fits tightly around the product. The product its self if shaped like a rabbit with some detail upon it which the foil can conform to, the foil however adds an extra level of detail, giving it facial features and emphasising the tail and eyes. This is what gives the bunny such a cute look – making it popular with consumers. Another much loved element of the packaging is the golden bell. The glittering ribbon and golden metal bell are iconic elements to the golden bunnies packaging and something to be kept after the product has been eaten. The bell also gives an element of quality to the bunny and makes it something special as there is nothing quite like it.

If the packaging for this product was made from another material it would either have to be a box or some cellophane, neither of which would have the same effect. The cellophane would not give any emphasis to the rabbits features what-so-ever, making it less rabbit like. The cardboard box, even with plastic windows would have made the product clunky and even less rabbit like. One of the biggest reasons this product is so popular is that it is gold, which is seen as a rich and attractive colour by many – especially when in relation to chocolate.

Easter Egg Packaging

Easter is the time where the egg reigns supreme, challenged only by the chocolate rabbit. The Easter egg is a gift given and bought by many at this time of year, a longstanding (if commercial) tradition honored by chocolate loves up and down the country. Every year we see a whole new range of Easter eggs hit out shelves however in essence they are exactly the same as every other year – it is only the packaging that changes.

Over the years trends have developed and caught on among the different egg style sectors. In children’s Easter eggs there have been several popular trends over the last couple of years. Eggs in little tin buckets (often decorated in well known children’s television characters) with other sweets and trinkets in there have been quite popular. The idea that the packaging can be re-purposed seems to appeal to parents while the idea of a new item, not just chocolate appeals to children. Being able to create something from the cardboard packaging has also been a favorite packaging trend for children’s eggs. The sense that it will give them something to do over the Easter holidays is a winner with parents and they often turn into toys to keep the children amused.

Trends in adult packaging in recent years has been to make it higher quality. The idea of luxury or high quality chocolate eggs needs to emanate from the packaging its self to entice consumers into purchasing it. This is often achieved by the use of a higher quality of cardboard and less plastic. The use of more cardboard gives brands more space to add colours and typography on trend as well as some wonderful examples of pattern and images.

When it comes to choosing an egg as a gift, consumers will more often look at the quality of the packaging and the use of imagery before they look at what the egg contains. Having an outstandingly packaged egg is far more important than having the best tasting product at this time of year.

Easter Paper Craft

The season of chocolate eggs and warmer weather (supposedly) is soon to be upon us. When it comes to Easter decoration, paper crafts are definitely the way to go and they are great for keeping your children entertained too! Here are some simple ideas to get you started!

Easter Paper Crafts

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Painting eggs is a great crafty idea to do and really simple too. You can dye them, paint them or simply leave them as they are. Decorating them is a great crafty idea and is even easier to do. The possibilities for different animals are endless, you can use a whole range of different paper with a choice of colours, patterns and thicknesses. These can then be cut and glued to the egg to make different animals. If you don’t want to glue paper however you can always draw on them instead.

Easter Craft from Toilet roll

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If egg painting isn’t your thing, try using old toilet or kitchen rolls to create some crafty Easter decorations. The ones above have been wrapped in coloured paper and added to, creating bunnies which can hold treats. You could also use them to create a ‘vase’ for some paper daffodils, which are also super easy to create with just some pipe cleaners and tissue paper.

Student Design – Clever Fast Food Takeout

Student design work often comes to a really great standard and this is no exception. This ingenious new packaging design for fast food takeout by Seulbi Kim in the United States is fresh and exciting.

From Seulbi Kim

The idea behind the design is to make carrying take out fast food easier, more compact and better for purchasing and carrying multiple orders. When it comes to take out, the classic design is to have all the food product in its own packaging in a paper bag and then have the drink separate. If there is more than one drink involved often paper pulp trays are used. This combination often leaves the customer with no hands left to open doors or find car keys. This is completely impractical but it appears to be something the fast food companies have never changed. This student design not only uses less packaging and is fully recyclable (making it environmentally friendly) but it also solves almost all of the problems of the packaging used currently.

One persons meal fit into one take out package that is easily assembled once the meal has been made. There is even space for a straw. The drink and food is placed in the same package with a handle allowing the customer to carry it with one hand. Some of the problems that may appear due to this new style of packaging are that there is no room for sauce, ketchup is often something essential when eating fast food. This is easily fixed as there is plenty of space on the design for a sauce pocket. Another problem could be that the fries may fall out as they have nothing covering the top of them. This is more of a problem with the style of the fries packaging than this new creation, however if it were to be used this would have to be addressed. There is plenty of room on this packaging for branding and advertising or even competitions such as McDonald’s monopoly game.

St Patrick’s Day Decoration

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the few days of the year where wearing green and having a ginger beard is going to get you a lot of drinks. Traditionally it is a day of feasting and wearing shamrocks to commemorate the coming of Christianity to Ireland. Much like the other yearly holidays we celebrate, it has been somewhat commercialised and perhaps some of its original meaning has been lost. This is not however, a reason not to celebrate and if you’re planning a party they you’ll want to go green and flamboyant with the decorations. So here are some ideas to get you started.

All things green and gold are fair game for decoration on this fabulous day and there are certain classic paper decorations that never go out of style. Paper chains are perfect for all party occasions and green ones will look perfect, if you want to experiment a little you could try making some more complex paper chains, some of which make the shape of a Shamrock. Individual paper shamrocks can also look great hung from the ceiling in random places rather like mistletoe at Christmas.

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For table decoration aside from the obvious green which can be created everywhere. Gold goodie are also great for the ‘pot of gold’ style. Gold chocolate coins or individually wrapped gold rolos, or any other sweet treat that is gold is applicable. These could be scattered across tables, put in black plastic pots or hung from multiple, different coloured threads.  If you don’t have the necessary green table cloth for your tables then taking some white tissue paper or just big sheets of white paper stick together and creating a potato shamrock stamp is a great alternative. Shamrock food is also a lot easier to create than you think, but I shall leave that for the more experienced food bloggers.

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The Corner Yoghurt Reinvented

We all recognise that it is Muller that really put the corner yoghurt on the map in terms of wide selling consumer satisfaction, so it is curious to see it done by another brand and still look just as good. The principle of the corner yoghurt is the packaging design. The additional pot section that can be folded up to pour its contents into the bigger section or simply left separate, makes this yoghurt original and unique. Muller have long been the go to brand for this style of yoghurt, leading the pack in terms of flavours and enticing consumers with the very best packaging design. Using high res images of the product and its ingredients or their sources (e.g cows).

03 11 13 chobani 1

Image from The Die Line

The basic shape of the packaging is exactly the same as Muller’s iconic creation and it looks just as good as is to be expected from a white plastic yoghurt pot. The labels and lid have something a little different about them. The Chobani logo, well know as a leading Greek yoghurt brand, is prominent but doesn’t take away from the ‘fun’ on the packaging. The ingredients are shown on all flavours of the packaging and this give the entire range a fresh and healthy feel. The typography is very on trend and its hand drawn style gives a sense of fun and looks cute and attractive. The colour schemes and overall look of each flavour reflects the colours and ideas associated with them and it has a great sense of coherence and deliciousness.

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